3 differences between Marine Safety Equipment and Firefighting Equipment

Dockland Supplies offers a comprehensive range of Marine Safety Equipment and Firefighting Equipment.

To differentiate between Marine Safety Equipment and Firefighting Equipment is to identify the core operational purpose of each equipment component.

  1. Firefighting equipment includes individual components such as fire blankets. The fire blankets are easily accessible which also has excellent insulation properties. The fire blankets are ideal for fires that cannot be extinguished with water. We also supply Fire Cabinets and Fire Extinguishers.


  1. Marine Safety Equipment plays a pivotal role in the marine operating environment. The safety equipment can be used on the boat for each individual to be used on board. It should be noted that the equipment can be used in different vessels such as boats and canoes. Marine Firefighting requires a fireboat that provides an unlimited water supply for fire fighting operations in a constrained area.


  1. To conclude the differences in the marine and Firefighting environments includes the structural and land-based firefighting. The biggest contrast is the ships that are floating and balancing against the elements of wind and water. Air management techniques are also required to be adjusted when combating a fire, which requires additional cylinders and additional manpower.

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