Uses of different fire hose types

Dockland Supplies are industry specialists in firefighting and marine safety equipment. Our products are reliably manufactured to suit the volatile operating environments that ensure the safety of individuals and sites.

We manufacture and distribute the highest calibre of photo luminescent marine,firefighting equipment and emergency evacuation signage.

Fire Hoses are designed to specifically operate under positive pressure, categorized as discharge hoses.

There are various hoses that include attack hoses, supply hoses, relay hoses, forestry hoses and booster hoses. Fire hose reels are required to provide a controlled supply of water to combat a potential fire risk. There are a multitude of components that can induce a fire risk which includes combustible solids. It should be important to note that this Class A requires a connection to a pressurised source of water which can be used from a main supply of water or a storage tank.

Additional Hoses includes Delivery Hoses that is subjected to a pressure greater than the atmospheric pressure. In addition to this. there are Suction Hoses which can also be partially embedded or fully embedded.

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