Important Fire Safety tips

  • In case of a fire, immediately call the Fire Brigade, and never assume somebody has already done so.
  • When you notice a fire, activate your building’s fire alarms and shout out, “FIRE” at the top of your voice to alert others. Do not yell anything else: it could cause others to take longer to realize the seriousness of the situation

  • Never get into a lift when there’s a fire – use the stairs
  • When caught in smoke, cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth
  • If you’re caught in a room with smoke and can’t find a way out, close the door and seal all cracks with wet towels or sheets. This will prevent smoke from entering the room
  • If your building is on fire, unless you are trapped, get out, stay out and call the fire service immediately
  • Invest in a smoke alarm for your home or office. Prevention is always better than cure.
  • Ensure everything from smoke alarms, fire alarms and the public address system, to water hydrants and fire extinguishers in your building are in working condition
  • Check the date on the fire extinguisher near you. Ensure it has been serviced and refilled on time
  • Take a little time out to learn how to use a fire extinguisher and when to use one
  • Make sure that your building’s association or committee organizes fire drills once every 6 months. Confirm whether there is a designated safe assembly area in your building
  • If your clothes catch fire, do not run. This will fan the flames. Lie down and roll around. Smother the flames with heavy material, like a blanket or a coat
  • If you are not trained in emergency and fire safety, do not shout instructions to those trapped. You may confuse and mislead them, and it may cost a life 
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