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Fire Fighting Equipment

We supply a range of high quality Firefighting equipment, such as fire blankets. The fire blanket is compact, easy to install, should be accessible but not too close to the risk and its instructions should be read and understood before use; it has excellent insulation properties.

Severe injuries and loss of life can be prevented by using a fire blanket promptly and correctly. Fire blankets are perfect for fires that cannot be extinguished with water, good for stove pan fires, electrical fires and clothing. The fire blanket smothers the fire, and will not burn, melt or drip and will cling to fire damaged skin.

We also supply fire cabinets made from only SABS approved polyester resin and materials. Our range is bench-marked at the top of static asset and fire protection solutions.

We provide a comprehensive range of high quality SABS certified fire extinguishers to suit all marine, industrial, automotive and household requirements.

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