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  • firecheck

    Firecheck Fire Hose

    Firecheck is a non-percolating fire hose with a robust, all-synthetic jacket. It is designed for use by fire brigades and industry.

  • Cobra-Fire-Hose

    Cobra Fire Hose

    The Cobra Fire Hose is a non-percolating hose with a robust, all-synthetic jacket. It is ideal for situations where water damage must be avoided, or where foam-making equipment is in use with excellent benefits and cost saving features.

  • Duraflex-Fire-Hose

    Duraflex Progress Hose

    The Duraflex Progress Hose is the number one hose for firefighters worldwide, proven to be tough, durable, and resistant against abrasion, oil, fuel and a wide range of chemicals.

  • forester

    Forester Fire Hose

    The Forester Fire Hose is a percolating hose with a robust, all-synthetic jacket. It is suitable for forest and field fires with the outer coating remaining wet during use. These hoses are rot proof, and need not be dried after use.

  • Fortex-Fire-Hose

    Fortex Fire Hose

    The Fortex fire hose is an all-purpose Nitrile Rubber Fire Hose. It is a multi-purpose hose for many industries and can be used for liquid transfer of chemicals, hydrocarbons & gasoline and all agricultural and irrigation applications.

  • Mamba-Fire-Hose

    Mamba Fire Hose

    The Mamba Fire Hose is a non-percolating uncoated box hose with a robust polyester jacket, rot-free and resistant to weathering and aging, the synthetic fibers in the hose jacket does not degrade over time. The Mamba fire hose is light, very flexible and easy to handle.

  • PolyZ-Fire-Hose

    PolyZ Fire Hose

    The PolyZ Fire Hose is a non-percolating hose with a robust, all-synthetic jacket, designed as a box hose with no need to dry after use and if necessary can be repaired easily. With a new generation material it is very light for handling.

  • value

    Value Range Fire Hose

    The Value Range fire hoses are useful for water pumping applications in a number of industries, including agriculture, construction, mining and waste water. Generally used by the Fire Department, boosted by diesel pump or fire engine.

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