Tips on how to prevent fires

Fire hazard is one of the most dangerous and damaging risks at home and in the work environment. In this blog, we would like to look at some ways on how to prevent fire in your home or business. Few people recognize every fire hazard, but your familys safety may depend on it. Here are some ways that you can fire-proofyour home or workplace:


  1. Have smoke alarms installed


Fires often occur at night when youre asleep and spread so rapidly that some people are overcome by fumes before they even wake up. Smoke alarms will give you early warning and save lives.


Smoke alarms will be most useful if placed:

l Near a doorway or stairway (on the ceilings)

l On every floor of the house

l In each bedroom or at least in the corridor outside each sleeping area

l In the kitchen


  1. Have fire extinguishers


Fire extinguishers should be installed in almost every room, especially if you have a fireplace or use space heaters. Dont forget the garage and places where you store gas cans, old clothes and combustible items.


  1. Watch the wiring


Electrical fires can be extremely dangerous, so keep a close eye out for frayed wiring, especially if you have pets in the home; they can chew the wiring, leaving it exposed. Other pets like dogs, might urinate on sockets while marking their territory. Unintended petslike mice and rats, might cause damage from both waste and gnawing on cords.




  1. Monitor and maintain other appliances


l Houses with furnaces have built-in fire hazard and have to be watched closely. Replace filters diligently and keep clutter several metres away. Let professionals establish and monitor settings and do needed repairs and maintenance.

l Portable space heaters are handy, but be certain to remove any nearby combustible clutter at least a few metres away in every direction. Get a heater that has an automatic shutoff function if it falls over.

l Operate and re-fuel portable generators only outdoors, where there is adequate ventilation



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